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[texts]Pile-larven med dobbelt hale, og dens phalæne : med hosføyede bemærkelser, om avlingen i almindelighed, og svampenes tilblivelse - Müller, Otto Frederik, 1730-1784
Woodcut head-pieces
Keywords: Notodontidae
Downloads: 253
[texts]Revision of Australian Lepidoptera, II (Volume v. 29 (1904))

Keywords: Notodontidae; Moths
Downloads: 15
[texts]Revision of Australian Lepidoptera (Volume v. 28 (1903))

Keywords: Moths; Notodontidae
Downloads: 40
[texts]A preliminary revision of the Bombyces of America north of Mexico - Neumoegen, B
Caption title
Keywords: Bombycidae; Notodontidae
Downloads: 289
[texts]Die notodontinen der europäischen fauna (Volume Bd.2. (1897))

Keywords: Moths; Notodontidae; Europe
Downloads: 21
[texts]Descriptiotis of some new Species of Lepidoptera Heterocera from Tropical South America (Volume 7th ser. v. 13 (1904))

Keywords: Heterocampa dolens; Notodontidae; Lepidoptera
Downloads: 68
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Miscellaneous Papers 104 - Ahmet Omer Kocak,Muhabbet Kemal
Checklist of the family Notodontidae in Thailand (Lepidoptera).
Keywords: Notodontidae; Lepidoptera; Thailand; checklist; nomenclature
Downloads: 193
[texts]Descriptions of some new Species of Heterocera from East and West Africa and Tropical South America (Volume 8th ser. v. 6 (1910))

Keywords: Pyralidae; Aegeridae; Noctuidae; Notodontidae; Limacodidae; Lasiocampidae; Lithosidae; Arctiidae; Erocha trita; Lepidoptera; Agaristidae
Downloads: 122
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 67 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal
Notes on the Insecta in the Collection of the Cesa Lepidoptera of Turkey-II. Cesa News 67: 1-26. The present paper deals with some results on the faunistical activities of the Cesa. The authors list some of the lepidopteran specimens from 26 provinces of Turkey of the Cesa Collection, comprising various insect groups from Turkey, as well as from abroad. The present list contains the selected specimens of the following 12 families of the butterflies and moths, collected or observed between 1998 a...
Keywords: Lepidoptera; Papilionidae; Pieridae; Satyridae; Notodontidae; Noctuidae; Saturniidae; Sesiidae; Sphingidae; Thyatiridae; Tineidae; Tortricidae; Yponomeutidae; fauna; Turkey
Downloads: 172
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 73 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal
On a faunistic record of Corcobara angulipennis Moore in the Philippines (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae). Cesa News 73: 1-2, 1 fig., 1 map. This short note deals with the faunistic record of Corcobara angulipennis (Noctuidae) in the Philippines. List of the species and subspecies illustrated in the Cesa publications on the Old World Lepidoptera. Cesa News 73: 3-44. This paper deals with the references to the illustrations of the species group taxa of the Old World Lepidoptera, published by the authors ...
Keywords: Corcobara angulipennis; Noctuidae; Lepidoptera; fauna; distribution; Philippines; Bohol; List; species; subspecies; Old World; Turkey; South Africa; Thailand; the Philippines. Lepidoptera; Acraeidae; Adelidae; Aganaidae; Arctiidae; Argynnidae; Brahmaeidae; Callidulidae; Choreutidae; Cossidae; Ctenuchidae; Danaidae; Drepanidae; Endromidae; Ethmiidae; Eupterotidae; Gelechiidae; Geometridae; Hesperiidae; Lasiocampidae; Libytheidae; Limacodidae; Lycaenidae; Lymantriidae; Noctuidae; Notodontidae; Papilionidae; Pieridae; Pyralidae; Riodinidae; Saturniidae; Satyridae; Scythridae; Sphingidae; Thyatiridae; Thyridae; Tineidae; Tortricidae; Uraniidae; Zygaenidae
Downloads: 245
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara Priamus Supplement 31 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal
Kocak,A.O. & M.Kemal, 2014, Lepidoptera of Iran based upon the Info-system of the Cesa. Priamus Suppl. 31: 1-487. This study is a part of the Cesa project entitled Lepidoptera Asia. Previous related publications of the project are briefly explained. Outlines of working programs and studying conditions are discussed. Faunistically, 3925 species of 1449 genera in 57 families are listed synonymously for the first time...
Keywords: Lepidoptera; butterflies (Papilionidae; Pieridae; Argynnidae; Libytheidae; Danaidae; Satyridae; Lycaenidae; Hesperiidae); moths (Agonoxenidae; Alucitidae; Arctiidae; Autostichidae; Blastobasidae; Brachodidae; Brahmaeidae; Bucculatricidae; Carposinidae; Choreutidae; Cimeliidae; Coleophoridae; Cosmopterigidae; Cossidae; Ctenuchidae; Douglasiidae; Drepanidae; Elachistidae; Epermeniidae; Ethmiidae; Gelechiidae; Geometridae; Glyphipterygidae; Gracillariidae; Lasiocampidae; Lecithoceridae; Lemoniidae; Limacodidae; Lymantriidae; Lyonetidae; Momphidae; Nepticulidae; Noctuidae; Notodontidae; Oecophoridae; Psychidae; Pterophoridae; Pyralidae; Saturniidae; Scythridae; Sesiidae; Sphingidae; Stathmopodidae; Thaumetopoeidae; Thyatiridae; Tineidae; Tortricidae; Yponomeutidae; Zygaenidae); Iran; Eastern Azerbaijan; Western Azerbaijan; Fars; Kerman; Khorasan; Kurdistan; Mazandaran; Sistan-Beluchistan; Tehran; Zanjan; fauna; catalog; bibliography
Downloads: 75
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 60 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal
Lepidoptera of Thailand This article contents the list of the 4414 Thai Lepidoptera of 73 families, based upon the info-system of the Cesa with some illustrations during the field notes of the authors in the northern provinces of this country. The expeditions were realized privately in the years of 2005 and 2006 and a report on this survey was published online in 2007 The authors published several articles and reports on their activities in South East Asia, including Thailand...
Keywords: Thailand; fauna; Lepidoptera; Acraeidae; Adelidae; Aganaidae; Amathusiidae; Arctiidae; Argynnidae; Blastobasidae; Bombycidae; Brachodidae; Brahmaeidae; Callidulidae; Carposinidae; Choreutidae; Cosmopterigidae; Cossidae; Ctenuchidae; Cyclidiidae; Cyclotornidae; Danaidae; Drepanidae; Epermeniidae; Eriocottidae; Ethmiidae; Eupterotidae; Gelechiidae; Geometridae; Glyphipterygidae; Gracillariidae; Hepialidae; Hesperiidae; Himantopteridae; Hyblaeidae; Immidae; Lacturidae; Lasiocampidae; Lecithoceridae; Libytheidae; Limacodidae; Lycaenidae; Lymantriidae; Lyonetiidae; Metarbelidae; Micronoctuidae; Nepticulidae; Mirinidae; Noctuidae; Notodontidae; Oecophoridae; Opostegidae; Palaeosetidae; Papilionidae; Pieridae; Psychidae; Pterophoridae; Pyralidae; Riodinidae; Roeslerstammiidae; Saturniidae; Satyridae; Scythridae; Sesiidae; Sphingidae; Stathmopodidae; Stenomidae; Thaumetopoeidae; Thyatiridae; Thyridae; Tineidae; Tortricidae; Uraniidae; Xyloryctidae; Yponomeutidae; Zygaenidae
Downloads: 1,686
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara Memoirs 5 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal
Preliminary Synonymical and Distributional Checklist of African Lepidoptera. Cent. Ent. Stud., Memoirs 5: 1-975, 5 figs. This paper deals with the bibliography and the preliminary checklist of the Lepidoptera of Africa based upon the fauna of 53 states. Totally 19200 species (or 23921 valid species group names) are arranged alphabetically under 86 families, together with the synonymous scientific names in chronological order...
Keywords: Lepidoptera; Acraeidae; Adelidae; Aganaidae; Agonoxenidae; Alucitidae; Arctiidae; Argynnidae; Autostichidae; Batrachedridae; Blastobasidae; Bombycidae; Brachodidae; Brahmaeidae; Bucculatricidae; Callidulidae; Carposinidae; Choreutidae; Cimeliidae; Coleophoridae; Copromorphidae; Cosmopterygidae; Cossidae; Ctenuchidae; Danaidae; Douglasiidae; Drepanidae; Dudgeonidae; Elachistidae; Epermeniidae; Epipyropidae; Eriocottidae; Ethmiidae; Eupterotidae; Gelechiidae; Geometridae; Glyphipterygidae; Gracillariidae; Hepialidae; Hesperiidae; Heterogynidae; Himantopteridae; Hyblaeidae; Lacturidae; Lasiocampidae; Lecithoceridae; Lemoniidae; Libytheidae; Limacodidae; Lycaenidae; Lymantriidae; Lyonetiidae; Metarbelidae; Micropterigidae; Momphidae; Nepticulidae; Noctuidae; Notodontidae; Oecophoridae; Opostegidae; Papilionidae; Pieridae; Prodidactidae; Prototheoridae; Psychidae; Pterolonchidae; Pterophoridae; Pyralidae; Riodinidae; Satyridae; Saturniidae; Scythridae; Sesiidae; Sphingidae; Stathmopodidae; Stenomidae; Thaumetopoeidae; Thyridae; Thyretidae; Thyatiridae; Tineidae; Tischeriidae; Tortricidae; Uraniidae; Xyloryctidae; Yponomeutidae; Zygaenidae; Africa; fauna; checklist; bibliography; distribution
Downloads: 753
[texts]Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr. 99 - Ahmet Omer Kocak, Muhabbet Kemal
Faunal list of the Lepidoptera of Kahramanmaras province in Turkey, together with the recorded pterygots, based upon the info-system of the Cesa. Cesa News 99: 1-178, 54 figs. In this paper, first comprehensive entomofaunistical list of Kahramanmaras Province is given. Totally 2571 species of 169 families of the orders (Odonata, Plecoptera, Dermaptera, Blattodea, Mantodea, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Planipennia, Lepidoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Coleoptera) are mentioned...
Keywords: Lepidoptera; Pterygota; fauna; Kahramanmaras; Turkey; Lepidoptera: Papilionidae; Pieridae; Argynnidae; Danaidae; Libytheidae; Satyridae; Lycaenidae; Hesperiidae; Adelidae; Alucitidae; Arctiidae; Autostichidae; Bombycidae; Brachodidae; Brahmaeidae; Choreutidae; Coleophoridae; Cosmopterigidae; Cossidae; Ctenuchidae; Deoclonidae; Douglasiidae; Drepanidae; Elachistidae; Epermeniidae; Eriocottidae; Ethmiidae; Gelechiidae; Geometridae; Hepialidae; Lasiocampidae; Lecithoceridae; Lemoniidae; Lymantriidae; Momphidae; Noctuidae; Notodontidae; Oecophoridae; Opostegidae; Psychidae; Pterolonchidae; Pterophoridae; Pyralidae; Saturniidae; Scythridae; Sesiidae; Sphingidae; Thaumetopoeidae; Thyatiridae; Thyridae; Tineidae; Tortricidae; Yponomeutidae; Zygaenidae; Odonata; Calopterygidae; Coenagrionidae; Gomphidae; Libellulidae; Lestidae; Platycnemidae; Plecoptera; Nemouridae; Perlidae; Perlodidae; Dermaptera; Forficulidae; Labiduridae. Blattodea; Blaberidae; Blattidae; Mantodea; Empusidae; Mantidae; Orthoptera; Acrididae; Gryllidae, Pamphagidae, Pyrgomorphidae, Raphidophoridae, Tetrigidae, Tettigoniidae. Hemiptera: Corixidae, Cydnidae, Gerridae, Lygaeidae, Miridae, Nabidae, Nepidae, Notonectidae, Pentatomidae, Plataspidae, Pyrrhocoridae, Reduviidae, Rhopaliidae, Scutelleridae, Tingidae. Homoptera: Aphalaridae, Aphididae, Cercopidae, Cicadellidae, Cicadidae, Cixiidae, Delphacidae, Homotomidae, Issidae, Liviidae, Psyllidae, Tettigometridae. Planipennia: Berothidae, Chrysopidae, Hemerobiidae, Myrmeleonidae, Nemopteridae, Sialidae. Diptera: Agromyzidae, Asilidae, Bombyliidae, Dolichopodidae, Muscidae, Mythicomyiidae, Nemestrinidae, Nycteribiidae, Sepsidae, Simuliidae, Stratiomyidae, Syrphidae, Tabanidae, Tephritidae, Therevidae, Tipulidae. Hymenoptera: Andrenidae, Apidae, Argidae, Braconidae, Crabronidae, Eulophidae, Evaniidae, Formicidae, Halictidae, Ichneumonidae, Leucopsidae, Megachilidae, Melittidae, Mutillidae, Pompilidae, Scelionidae, Scoliidae, Sphecidae, Tiphiidae, Vespidae; Coleoptera; Apionidae; Attelabidae; Buprestidae; Cantharidae; Carabidae; Cerambycidae; Chrysomelidae; Cleridae; Coccinellidae; Curculionidae; Dermestidae; Elateridae; Geotrupidae; Glaphyridae; Helophoridae; Hydrophilidae; Lucanidae; Meloidae; Melyridae; Oedemeridae; Scarabaeidae; Silphidae; Staphylinidae; Tenebrionidae
Downloads: 54
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